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Bluetooth Shipping Label Printer 328BT White
Mist Arevalo (California, United States)
Starting my small Business

I thought this thermal mini printer was going to be hard to set up but actually it was pretty easy. I had fun using this already on my first order. I can't express enough how easy to use this is.

JADENS 4x6" Thermal Shipping Labels - Roll (350 Labels)

Great print quality, but works only with its labels only from its own brand

I really love this printer because its really easy to work with it. It would automatically adjust label roll to the starting point of the print according to the size. What I really dont like about it is that it does not accept labels from other companies which are way cheaper than its own brand. When I fed the printer with label from other brand, it did not print them at all and displayed the error message saying that labels are not recognised, and when I used the labels from its on brand, it started printing. The printer itself is a great value for money and really easy to work with, but the label of its own brand are expensive which is not worth it. This is the reason I am giving it four star rating

Took a minute but it works great

It took me a minute to learn it but once I got it I was set. I did discover that I want more papers, but that will come in the future. The app was easy to find and works great but not too much selection on designs.

Amazing and easy to use

This LabelMaker works amazingly, and its very easy to use. Picture quality comes out great, and there is endless possibilities of what you can do. The only thing you cant do obviously is Color. This thing is very user-friendly. Great set up on app definitely recommend.

Great little portable thermal printer!

I own a couple businesses and I'm always looking for a better way of keeping things organized and streamlined. I've been looking to replace a USB thermal printer for a couple years now and decided to try this one. (it's a NIIMBOT B1) So far, so good. The matching app works well on Android and allows the creation of a wide variety of different labels. I keep the app & my phone updated, so as of this writing, everything works reliably and as expected.

This *is* a thermal printer and does have the normal limitations and restrictions of any thermal printer. Keep the labels out of the sun (pre or post print) and away from significant heat sources. If you're labeling things for outdoors, you're going to have a **** time. That's with any thermal printer.

versatile Bluetooth connectivity

There is no keyboard, you need to download an app to your phone and then link this label maker by Bluetooth. I haven't figured out how to make it automatically connect after it's paired but that could be a limitation of my particular phone model. No worries though, it only takes seconds to connect.
The versatility that comes with connecting to the app is great. You can load different sizes of stickers or stickers with various frames or vignettes already built in. The program allows you to preview, resize and reposition what you want to print. You can even print out emojis (in black and white)! Really cool and fun to experiment with.

Versatile label printer with good quality B/W prints & perfect for home/office needs!

Needed a label printer for tagging various cables/charges I have in my home for the tech gadgets & e-toys. Overall happy with it and is a great option for home use in this price category. I would highly recommend this for this price.

My 2 cents below:

- Works great for label printing with good enough DPI and the prints are crisp & clear overall. Samples are attached
- Complete system for label printing needs
- Great printing speed and label get printer within a flash of a second
- Built-in 1500mAh battery & full charge is supposed to give 2 weeks of standby time
- Setup is very easy with self-discovery when Bluetooth is turned ON
- Looks great in the design
- One label roll is included in the package to start printing as soon as you unbox it
- USB-C port for charging and so is par above the current standards
- If B/W print is your need, then this printer would save a lot in the long run as it does not need any ink to be refilled
- Lightweight and small in dimensions. Overall very compact & portable device
- The mobile app works pretty well on my iPhone 12 pro and the inbuilt EDIT features for the labels are nice. Refer to the attached screenshots & video
- Build quality is very good and feels premium overall
- Very reasonably priced for the features it offers

- Not smart printer to connect to WiFi, so that printing can be done remotely if needed
- I wish there was another color option available than green to choose from
- Wish they included a carry bag for the portable printer

Nice Usable Label Maker Capable of Printing Good Range of Label Sizes NIIMBOT B1

I was surprised to find that this is the NIIMBOT B1 label printer. I didnt see that in any of the description of the product and it appears that they made sure that the name was covered up in all of their photos. It does, however, show it in the video. I just found that a bit strange. Anyway, I really like this printer. I already have he NIIMBOT D11 and it uses the same app. That is fantastic for me since I dont have to have multiple apps on my phone. The app does take some getting used to. It isnt exactly difficult, but it isnt intuitive either. In my opinion it takes more effort to maneuver than it should and can be a bit frustrating. I was able to make nice looking labels in under 5 minutes so it cant be all ****. I do have an issue with the app, and thats the fact that you have to subscribe and pay monthly or yearly to get the full benefit of the software options. The software is usable without the subscription, and I really like the labels that I made with the free portion of the app. My biggest draw to this label maker was the fact that it can use a variety of different size labels. As I mentions I have the NIIMBOT D11. I like it a lot and the size label it prints is great but sometimes you just need larger labels! This machine will accommodate that. I also like that it seems to sense the location of the label and aligns itself which nearly eliminates wasted labels. Im very happy with this printer and would recommend I for anyone.

Really easy to use via phone app and adds a professional look to products

I recently purchased the JADENS Label Maker and have been extremely impressed with its performance. Setting it up was a breeze, as the Bluetooth connectivity to my phone was quick and easy. The accompanying app is user friendly and intuitive, making it simple to create and print labels for a variety of purposes.

I have primarily been using the label maker for my laser engraving business, and it has added a professional touch to my products. The built-in QR generator is a convenient feature that allows me to easily link to my website on each label.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the JADENS Label Maker. It is a reliable and efficient tool that has greatly improved the appearance and organization of my business. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a portable label maker for personal or professional use.

Read All About It!

This is a nice little printer. It took a total of about 2 minutes to setup. I was looking for a thermal printer for mailing labels and this fits the bill. This printer is small and wireless, you will have to charge the battery from time to time but it's better than having to carry around cables when you're on the go.

The ****: The App requires you to create an account to use the included templates and save any labels you may create.

I would recommend this printer for all of your labeling needs.

Great portable printer.

This is a really good portable printer. You do need to download the niimbot app the setup was very easy and it does come with a roll of labels. There is also a niim app that gives you different options for different labels but it does have a in app purchase. I didn't load this yet as at the moment I just need to label some boxes.

App is a little confusing.

I found the app to be confusing at first. But I did figure out how to print a basic label and some minimal variations. If you want a bunch more you have to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. And who does that? So, basically, a basic label maker.

This was much easier to set up that I would have guessed. Just a phone, no computer needed.

This Jadens (or Niimbot) label maker is so easy to set up and use. The label types can vary, and the labeler automatically recognizes the type of thermal label you are using. I now own three label makers. I keep one in my RV and another in the house. Both use plastic stipe type labels that are about 1/2 wide on a very short roll that requires ink. Now I have the Jadens and it seems far more versatile, easier to use, doesn't require ink, and I don't need to buy batteries. The Jadens (Niibbot) label maker has a built-in battery that is recharged with a USB cord that is included. All I need to interact with the Jaden on my cell phone is to download the Niimbot app for the iPhone or Android on Google. You will need to use Bluetooth and pair your phone to the printer device.

The printer includes a roll of labels that are automatically recognized so that you can print labels 2 inches wide and one inch deep. There are many types of 2" wide labels you can order from **** that will work with this printer. You can find the labels in different colors, styles, and shapes. As long as the labels are on a thermal roll that is 2" wide you should be fine. The app lets you pick the type of label you want to use, and you can then simply change the rolls as needed. I went online earlier today and found several types of 2" wide rolls that I ordered.

In conclusion I'd like to say this is a great label maker if you own a cell phone. No worries if you forget to turn it off. You won't run the battery down as it will turn itself off after a minute of no use. Then it quickly responds after a long 2 second press on the on-off button. Oh, did I mention that the printer comes with a readable quick start manual with large enough print that can be read? So many items now come in with no manual or ones that are unreadable. This was a delight and rare occurrence that I appreciate. Wow, a readable instruction manual.

Shipping Label

I use this for when im shipping small items such as trading cards through plain white envelopes. It has saved me so much time with me already preprinting my address and only have to print recipient addresses when needed. SUPER easy to use. Definitely a must have for any at home shipping station. Also works well for just label boxes/bins.

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Extremely fast great little Bluetooth labeler

- You must create an account in order to use certain features like saving a design
- They offer more features in the app for a fee (like extra fonts, templates, and materials or images), but the free features work great. You can import your own pictures and even do OCR a few times a day before they ask you to upgrade.
- You cant create an account using your Google account. You can use Facebook, Apple, email, or a phone number
- The quick start instructions dont tell you where to plug in the cable. There is a little cover on the right side with a lightning symbol on it. Thats where the cable gets plugged in. Within the app, though, there are detailed instructions about the software and hardware when you click the help button at the top of the homepage. This includes the complete user guide for the hardware.
- There are several places in the app where there are Chinese letters. I dont understand Chinese, so Im not sure what it says.
- It took me a little while to find where the battery level indicator was in the app. It is in the upper right corner of the homepage in the app. And if you click it, you can get more information on the device including firmware updates. It asked me to update firmware immediately, although the listed content of the update was in Chinese.
- There is some decent help videos that you get to by clicking help at the top of the homepage in the app. There may be some Chinese within the videos that make things not always clear but still they are pretty good videos.
- The charging cable is a USB-A to USB-C cable.
- Set up was pretty easy. Quick start instructions were good for setting it up. When you finally get the paper in and the little reels tightened around it, and close the lid, and turn it on, it self adjusts the paper to the right place to print correctly.
- It prints extremely fast
- I tested printing a QR code and it works as designed.
- The app doesnt support landscape mode.
- Its nice that it has a rechargeable battery but its not user removable and it makes me wonder how long it will last.

Extremely easy to use

Within 5 minutes of opening the package, I printed my first two pages. I'm a truck driver and being able to print load paperwork in my truck saves me a lot of time and money. Being able to do it from my phone and not having to carry a computer makes this even better. I get my paperwork in an email in PDF form and I open the file directly from the email into the printer app on my phone. Great quality prints with sharp, clear text. Great mobile work printer.

Its portable use is the best thing about the mini printer

I like so much

Cute ??

This is such a wonderfully cute product that works just as intended. The booklet is in different languages and isnt in English. There is a picture instructions that come with it. Just follow the pictures! Once the paper is printed, the paper wants to roll back up. TIP: Roll the paper in the opposite direction and hold it for a while. Roll back and forth maybe two or 3 times. It will straighten the paper out. I print important documents and any documents for proof of payment to keep files away.

Great little label printer

So far I have no complaints about it. It does what I need for it to do.

Love it!

Super simple setup and use

Once you figure out how, it's WOW!

Labels made on synthetic stock stick and don't degenerate in the field, so RETHINK stupid handwritten notes and USE THIS.

I'm more impressed than expected: Easy to change labels with several styles and colors available. Font styling! Font path shaping; you can SPEAK text in via the app!

This is almost too good for most labeling, but for a car, mower, bike, exterior of the house stuff, oh yes, it rocks. CHARGES EASILY! It is perfect for importing logos and nonrippable labels!

LET ME SAY THIS: Our adult daughter in San Francisco had her custom-built (made from old bike parts: recycled) bike stolen. A week went by and she got a call from the man who built it: a woman found it, READ THE LABEL info and called the bike shop: RETURNED! This is what you use, on a clean metal surface, and it's a cheap way to ID some things that really sticks.

Use this to do custom QR labels, business labels, book plates. Add notes and product info where you need to ID them clearly. Paper labels degenerate, these don't. GOOD TOOL TO OWN!