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About Jadens

The Innovator Leading the Logistics Industry

Jadens, founded in Hong Kong, is known for its innovative spirit and pursuit of technology. The company's core business is the research and development and production of Thermal Printer and label maker, which bring unique advantages to the business.
  • Efficient printing: Shipping Printer adopts advanced printing technology to ensure a large number of waybill labels can be printed in a short time. This greatly improves the efficiency of courier companies and shortens customer waiting times.

  • Durable and reliable: The printer is made of high-quality materials, ensuring stable performance even in harsh environments. Long hours of heavy workloads will not affect its reliability.

  • User-friendly: The printer has an intuitive interface, which can be easily used by users without experience. This significantly reduces training costs and improves staff efficiency.
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A Positive Force For World

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Jadens focused on providing advanced printing solutions for the logistics and courier industries. Our core product, Shipping Printer, has been widely recognized and acclaimed worldwide.

To help small and medium-sized businesses improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, and provide better service to customers by providing efficient, durable, and easily integrated printing solutions.

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