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Jadens Label Maker B1 - Bluetooth 2-Inch Printer for Barcode, Address, Clothing, Mailing, Small Business, and Home Use

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  • Easy Using Label Maker for Starters: One-click setup then printing. Just download the app and connect to the portable label maker via Bluetooth. ​It only takes 2 minutes to print out after the unbox. Huge improvement in your work efficiency.
  • Wide Usage: The Bluetooth label maker gives flexibility to print different types of labels. Such as barcode, QR code, price tag, cable, clothing, inventory, mailing, jewelry, name labels. Great assistant for your home, office and small business.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
ManTar Gifts
Great print quality, but works only with its labels only from its own brand

I really love this printer because its really easy to work with it. It would automatically adjust label roll to the starting point of the print according to the size. What I really dont like about it is that it does not accept labels from other companies which are way cheaper than its own brand. When I fed the printer with label from other brand, it did not print them at all and displayed the error message saying that labels are not recognised, and when I used the labels from its on brand, it started printing. The printer itself is a great value for money and really easy to work with, but the label of its own brand are expensive which is not worth it. This is the reason I am giving it four star rating

Amazing and easy to use

This LabelMaker works amazingly, and its very easy to use. Picture quality comes out great, and there is endless possibilities of what you can do. The only thing you cant do obviously is Color. This thing is very user-friendly. Great set up on app definitely recommend.

Awesome Label maker!

Such an amazing label maker! I'm able to Print off multiple things that I need for my business as well as be able to do many more things like make cute stickers in the Events folder that I make. It comes in super handy and the digital print makes it that much better to not have to worry about your ink cartridges emptying back to back. The app is amazing to have as well because you can create an endless amount of cool stickers for your business and or personal use, it works for everything!

Alex Snyder
Took a minute but it works great

It took me a minute to learn it but once I got it I was set. I did discover that I want more papers, but that will come in the future. The app was easy to find and works great but not too much selection on designs.

Great little portable thermal printer!

I own a couple businesses and I'm always looking for a better way of keeping things organized and streamlined. I've been looking to replace a USB thermal printer for a couple years now and decided to try this one. (it's a NIIMBOT B1) So far, so good. The matching app works well on Android and allows the creation of a wide variety of different labels. I keep the app & my phone updated, so as of this writing, everything works reliably and as expected.

This *is* a thermal printer and does have the normal limitations and restrictions of any thermal printer. Keep the labels out of the sun (pre or post print) and away from significant heat sources. If you're labeling things for outdoors, you're going to have a **** time. That's with any thermal printer.