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Impresora térmica de etiquetas de envío Classic White

Precio original $130.99 - Precio original $130.99
Precio original
$130.99 - $130.99
Precio actual $130.99
  • High-speed Thermal Print: Max Print speed Monochrome 150 mm/s

  • Support Bluetooth & USB Connect: Compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

  • Compatible with all major marketplaces: including UPS, USPS, FedEx, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, Shipworks, Easyship, Shippo, ShipGator, Amazon and more.

  • No Toner or Ink is Required: Thermal printing technology, clear printing & waterproof labels.

  • Imprima a través de Bluetooth: al instalar la aplicación "Impresora de envío" en su iPhone, empareje e importe el archivo PDF para imprimir. Imprime a través de iPhone y iPad y también imprime de forma inalámbrica a través de portátiles con Windows habilitados para Bluetooth de forma inalámbrica. (Consejos: Bluetooth es incompatible con dispositivos macOS, es decir, MacBook e iMac).
  • Imprima a través de un cable USB: la impresora térmica Bluetooth funciona con dispositivos Windows (8, 10 o posterior) y Mac OS, imprime etiquetas con un cable USB conectado. Con breves videos instructivos almacenados en el disco flash USB junto con la impresora, puede configurarla fácilmente. No funciona con computadoras con procesador ARM.
  • Funciona con cualquier etiqueta térmica directa, incluidas las etiquetas gratuitas de UPS: la impresora de etiquetas de envío Bluetooth ahorra cientos de dólares en costos de etiquetas. Imprime con una amplia gama de 1,57" a 4,1" y también imprime etiquetas de almacén, etiquetas de código de barras, etiquetas de envío a granel sin tinta ni tóner, etc.
  • Fácil para principiantes: el paquete contiene un disco U, que incluye software de controlador y videos instructivos paso a paso, lo que hace que sea muy fácil para los principiantes configurar e imprimir. Puede terminar la instalación en 15 minutos.
Tecnología de impresión Térmico
Característica especial
Inalámbrico, portaetiquetas integrado, ahorra espacio
Conexión Bluetooth, USB
Bluetooth Windows, Android, iOS,
Sistema operativo Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS
Tamaño de ancho de etiqueta 1,57"-4,1" (40-108 mm)
tipo de etiqueta
Impresión de etiquetas en rollo y etiquetas plegadas en acordeón
Usos para el producto Oficina
Velocidad máxima de impresión Monocromo 150 mm/s
Resolución 1,8 puntos/mm(203DPI) Hasta 6IPS
Salida de la impresora Monocromo
Dimensiones del producto 3,0'' x 4,2'' x 2,8''
(7,6 x 10,7 x 7,1 cm)
Peso del artículo 4,38 libras (1,99 kg)
Color Blanco

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 98 reviews
      Tim Sander
      Easy to use, set up and store.

      I got this right before the holiday season just to make sure I could cover all of the Black Friday orders and it worked absolutely perfectly. Easily printed almost 200 orders back to back none of them had missing ink and it stayed straight. Come off track so it was a game changer. As long as you make sure to set the darkness to at-least 4 everything comes out perfect when you print it. Also another bonus but the color is so freaking cute.

      Yale Vogt
      Great device at a low price

      This printer prints so quickly that I was shocked. I am used to waiting several minutes for my other inkjet printer to finally print and fix any paper jams that happen. This printer did not Jam and was super fast and very easy to use. I liked it so much I bought one for a friend!

      Dominic Foster
      prints correctly

      Since I still work in the home office and send a lot of mail due to my job, I thought this shipping label printer could serve me well. I've seen something similar on YouTube with self-employed people and was therefore excited to test this product �thanks for the test product :-)

      Penny Hoover

      The setup and operation are intuitive and hassle-free. The PC could be printed in no time at all. The high printing speed is impressive. You haven't even triggered properly before the finished label comes out. The resulting background noise is hardly perceptible. The print result is absolutely sufficient for labels and is easy to read.

      Mona Carrie
      Compact little label printer

      I liked how easy it was to set up and print my shipping labels.