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Enjoy a Free Printer

Enjoy a Free Printer with Your Purchase of 12 Rolls of Thermal Label Paper

Why You'll get a Free JADENS Printer?

  • The ultimate goal is to lower the barriers to low carbon living;
  • Make it easier for you to get involved;
  • Feel that you can make a contribution to the world's environment!
  • We are sure that some people are “pragmatists” who value functionality over appearance. So we want to give printers to people who really need them.

Where do these free printers come from?

  • JADENS will not sell any defective product as a new product to our customers!
  • We understand that some products inevitably get knocked around during long distance shipping.
  • Therefore, when customers find machines that do not look like new, we will usually recall them.

Do these products function properly?

Yes, they function just as well as new machines. Although the exterior may have some scratches and be old, we guarantee that they are fully functional!

How can I get a “low carbon” printer for free?

You only need to buy 12 rolls (or more) of Printing Label

(Buying 12 rolls of other types of label separately, perhaps cost high price)

Can I get more free printers?

No. You can't. We hope that more people will have the opportunity to contribute to the environment. But, we would be very happy if you could share this event with as many people as possible!

Do these products come with a warranty?

  • Yes, they come with a 3-year warranty. We understand that some users are concerned about warranties.
  • Normally, these low-carbon products do not come with a warranty, but JADENS also offers a 3-year warranty for active products. We just want people to know that our products and Services are superior.
  • In addition, if you continue to purchase JADENS print labels, you will receive a lifetime warranty. (This of course includes your purchase of JADENS printers of other types)
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