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It worked well printed it out nicely but the paper always rolled up on you even if you put heavy weight on it for 24 hours still rolled up thats the only downfall

Handy little printer

I bought this to travel with us to horse shows so I could print lost patterns, show bills and duplicate entry numbers to avoid swapping numbers multiple times from one saddle to another.

It holds up great to being tossed into tack boxes and makes great basic prints. The paper being in a roll and loaded makes printing on the go handy.


Perfect for what I need. Highly recommend and super easy to bring on go. Just be aware that thermal paper is really thin and more like receipt paper.

Very difficult to pair with device.(Limited instructions provided0

Great size and excellent quality. However poor information about using it, and it is challenging to pair with the device; I still need to find out if the Battery is charged or not; it only lights ups when it is plugged into the outlet. But I printed twice,

No problem setting it up and I am not computer literate!

Small. Good for a small household that doesnt print much. Very portable. A+

Amazing inkless printer!

I love every single thing about this printer! Totally inkless printer, but make sure you purchase thermal paper. It prints, amazing, black-and-white pictures straight from your phone using an app. Compact, put it right in your purse. Easy to use. I showed fellow coworkers, and sold about six more!! Love it!!

Good but not great

This works well and is highly portable but the print quality is a bit lower than I was hoping for. It's not horrible by any stretch, but just a little bit less crisp than I would have liked. But overall it still does it's job quite well.

Perfect for me

I just received the printer this morning and it was so easy to use and the print quality is just what i was looking for .I'm using this mainly for line up card for baseball on the go.

The convenience makes up for minor drawbacks.

The initial connection is a bit clunky. I had to force stop the app and restart it before it would print. Once connected, the printer works fantastic. It prints full pages very quickly with great resolution. Mine is mainly used for printing the occasional PDF. As long as I remember to open the file with the print app, everything goes smooth and quick.


This s a pretty good printer, It's pretty easy to use, but the paper is a pain in the rear end, it constantly curls up, my husband needs to print out some paperwork from his doctor's office to fill out and return, and we had a heck of a time with it because after every sheet printed out we had to lay a book on top of it because if not it just curled right up. Disaster all by itself

Love this!

This little guy is perfect for my home office needs! Its easy to set up. Just go to the website, download the printer drive, go through your computer settings to add the printer and youre good to go!

Glad I bought

Paper was a bit more than I expected but you save that in ink lol. Easy to connect and prints well

Perfect for our needs....

This little printer is amazing. Using the phone app, it's perfect for all of our needs in our re-vamped pantry storage containers. We love it, and we've only just begun....!

almost worthless instructions

I tried to download the driver software to my computer. The website has about seven drivers available for download. Which one? No indication of the model designation anywhere on the packaging or the product. The first two drivers I downloaded were for a label printer, so the unit refused to print a simple test message on 8.5 X 11 paper. Also, the printer is supposed to take 8.5 X 11. but there are no instructions whatever on how to load such paper, only instructions for "folded" paper and the roll paper that came with the machine. Terrible instructions, almost useless. Learn to operate by trial-and-error

Good mobile printer

Works great for what it is. Wish it had wifi capabilities instead of Bluetooth, so that I could use is without going through their app


Its exactly what I wanted and works great. Easy to find replacement paper as well.

Handy mobile printer with thin paper

The printer is really nice. It comes in handy when you need to print out documents quickly. Downloading the app was easy. Connecting my iPhone to the PerPage printer was easy. The only difficult part was uploading the document onto PeriPage. It took me a few tries to successfully do this. The paper is quite thin. But I give it 4 stars overall for the convenience. Having a mobile thermal printer is a great idea! I never have to buy printer ink cartridges or go to Fed Ex anymore. Thank you so much to the creator of this wonderful product!

Small and kids safe

My baby loves to play with it too as a toy, and Im not worried about safety, its soft, smooth and water resistant))

To print receipts of payments and confirmation of payments.

Keeping up with online orders so if I need to cancel I have the info printed and easy to find.

Has trouble with "fine print" on government documents, but OK for most B/W copies

Very convenient and reliable thermal printer if you don't need the typical 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper copy (paper is slightly smaller than that). I tried to copy a military pay document of mine, but the small print did not print well. Had to use an ink printer to send the document to our tax guy. Anyway, this should be helpful for us printing Boarding Passes and other similar documents when we're away. Haven't had to load new paper yet but bought plenty of replacement paper. My first experience with a thermal printer. More later.

Very weak adhesive

These peel away from some surfaces spontaneously. I had to stop using the and went with a different type.

Fit my off-brand printer

I was a little worried it would fit (and work????) in my off-brand printer. This was the first set of labels Ive ordered since I received my printer that came along with a roll of sample labels. The labels they recommended I use to refill my printer were almost double the price of these! Ive noticed absolutely no difference between these labels and the original (double the cost) sample labels I received with my printer. They create a clear, vibrant print and Im more than happy! Buy these labels! ??

love it

so easy to use. fast bluetooth connection. really love the fact that its so small just portable. most def recommend.

so easy and small and convenient.

I've wanted a printer like this for years - can take anywhere and print from phone or ipad easily... only draw back is thermal prints don't last long because of heat. for our use, it's perfect


First off don't listen to these haters this bluetooth printer literally only took me 2 min to figure this out wi